“Sonny, we are with you” Tottenham fans’ heartfelt loyalty

Sonny, we’re with you!”

The ‘Support Post for Son Heung-min’ posted by ‘Spurs Express’, a fan media specializing in Tottenham, is a hot topic.

On the 26th (Korean time), the Spurs Express posted a meaningful article on Twitter with 170,000 followers. Under the title of ‘Thanksgiving Post for Son Heung-min’, ‘Nunu Santos was appointed as manager, and when the club seemed to lose its way, he re-signed with Tottenham and chose the path of not giving up on us. They showed their loyalty (loyalty, loyalty) towards us. (When Nuno was appointed and we looked lost as a club he signed a new contract and chose not to give up on us. He showed loyalty.)’. ‘Let’s not give up on him’ and finished the post with a line of enthusiastic cheering, ‘We’re with you메이저사이트

‘Nice One’ Son Heung-min is the most loved player by Tottenham fans along with Harry Kane. He is a miraculous player who always runs with all his might in every match for the fans with a smile on his face, and brings victory with fantastic goals in the most difficult moments and when everyone despairs. Son Heung-min, who won the ‘Puskas Award’, which is given to the world’s best goal in 2020, and became the first Asian player to score in the English Premier League last season and won the ‘Golden Boot’, became a world-class player that big clubs around the world aspire to. He is struggling with an unexpected slump this season. A situation where he is recording 4 goals in 19 league games amidst an unexpected orbital fracture injury and a busy schedule going back and forth to the Qatar World Cup. Despite concerns and criticism from experts and media, Tottenham fans’ support is absolute. More than 600,000 football fans have read this post, and more than 10,000 Tottenham fans are expressing their explosive support by pressing ‘Like’.

Son Heung-min’s Tottenham will go on an expedition to Preston in the 2nd division of the FA Cup Round 4 (Round of 32) at 3 am (Korean time) on the 29th.

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