“Taylor, be careful with your words during the broadcast”→’Son Heung-min racist remarks ended with broadcaster’caution’

“Martin Tyler should be careful what he says on air.”

A ‘caution’ measure was taken against a commentator who made racist remarks to Son Heung-min of the English Premier League Tottenham during a relay broadcast.

The Sun reported on the 2nd that “Martin Tyler reminded us that we need to be careful with what we say during the broadcast.”

The 77-year-old Tyler caused controversy by making racist remarks to Son Heung-min during the match between Tottenham and Liverpool on the 1st.

Son Heung-min started in the 34th round of the Premier League in the 2022-23 season against Liverpool held at Anfield in Liverpool, England on the 1st (Korean time).

77-year-old Martin Tyler, a commentator for Sky Sports in the UK, made racially discriminatory remarks against Son Heung-min, who played a big role in the match with one goal and one assist, causing controversy.

Son Heung-min used his hand in the 7th minute of the second half to block the dribble of Liverpool’s each gun in a situation where he was being pulled 1-3. Heung-Min Son was cautioned for this foul.먹튀검증

Tyler, who was broadcasting the match, caused controversy over racial discrimination by mentioning that he used ‘martial arts’ for Son Heung-min’s foul. He was accused of racism because he expressed that he did not play soccer but used martial arts such as taekwondo, kung fu, and karate, which are oriental martial arts.

After hearing this commentary, fans lashed out at Tyler on social media. He criticized Tyler, who is 77 years old this year, saying, “I have to retire now.”

Fans also criticized Tyler, saying, “Tyler should apologize to Son Heung-min,” “Sky Sports should immediately investigate racist remarks,” and “I was outraged by his remarks.”

Tyler has been a commentator for Sky Sports since 1990. Tyler, who has been active as a commentator since the 1970s, was named the best commentator in the Premier League by the FA in 2003.

However, last year, Tyler also brought criticism from fans by swearing “soldier on” to Ukrainian goalkeeper Georgy Buschan, who participated in an A-match.

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