Thais sub can’t be rewritten?

KEPCO TICE, who had previously exposed problems with the serve! It is said that it has improved a lot recently, but today it hit a so-called clothesline home run!!

I think a cool serve will come out just by looking at the preparation movements~

What is this?? 토토사이트

A really dumb sub !

Thais, who had been particularly anxious when serving before.

Looking at it again, without the protective shield, the scorers’ computers would have been in big trouble.

3rd set This time, after hitting an outball with a long tail, he expressed his dissatisfaction about the video reading that was used up.

Woori Card defeated KEPCO 3-0 and increased the possibility of advancing to spring volleyball.

Professional basketball DB won a come-from-behind victory over KOGAS.

However, just before the end, the referee’s unreasonable aggressor foul decision was on the chopping block.

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