The FA market is over, Korea Expressway Corporation’s concerns have begun

The hot FA market is over, but Korea Expressway Corporation has to face another choice time.

The V-League Women’s Free Agent (FA) market closed on the 22nd at 18:00. The 20 women’s players who obtained FA qualifications chose to transfer or remain after careful negotiations. A total of five players chose to transfer to other teams. Park Jeong-ah (Korea Expressway Corporation ⟶ Pepper Savings Bank), Chae Seon-ah (KGC Ginseng Corporation ⟶ Pepper Savings Bank), Kim Su-ji (IBK Industrial Bank ⟶ Heungkuk Life Insurance), Hwang Min-kyung (Hyundai E&C ⟶ IBK Industrial Bank of Korea), Jeong Dae-young (Korea Expressway Corporation ⟶ GS) Caltex) welcomes the next season with a new team.

Among them, Chae Seon-ah and Jeong Dae-young were B-class players (with an annual salary of 50 million won to less than 100 million won the previous season), so the recruited team does not have to give compensation to the original team. However, since the other three players were A-class players (over 100 million won in the previous season), the team that recruited these players must submit a list of six protected players to the original team, and the original team will not be included in the protected list. 1 player who did not transfer + 200% of the previous season’s annual salary of the transferred player. Alternatively, you can receive 300% of the player’s salary for the previous season who transferred without naming the player.먹튀검증

Among the teams that gave away A-class players, the team that is most interested in appointing compensation players is Korea Expressway Corporation. This is because the player the Korea Expressway Corporation gave away was none other than Park Jung-ai, who was the symbol and ace of the team. In addition, the Korea Expressway Corporation sent Dae-Young Jeong to GS Caltex, and the power loss is significant. Korea Expressway Corporation filled the position of Park Jung-ah to some extent by appointing Tanacha Soksot (Thailand), who can serve as both an outside heater and an apologist in the Asia Quarter Tryout held on the 21st, but this alone is not enough. You should also be cautious about appointing compensation players at Pepper Savings Bank.

What options does Korea Expressway Corporation have? We analyzed the protection list of Pepper Savings Bank and the options of Korea Expressway Corporation.

① Pepper Savings Bank’s prospective list of players to be protected
▲Roster sure to include: Park Jeong-ah, Lee Han-bi, Oh Ji-young, Go-eun Lee
Han-bi and Oh Ji-young are players who have renewed their contracts in the free agency market and are the core strength of Pepper Savings Bank. Obviously, it seems that he will be on the list of protected players. In the case of Oh Ji-young, it is unlikely that the Korea Expressway Corporation, which owns Lim Myung-ok, will nominate him, but it is safer to keep him on the protected list because unexpected variables may occur, such as in the case of former men’s division Noh Jae-wook’s transfer as a compensation player. Park Jung-ah, who was newly recruited in the free agency market this time, is also sure to be included in the list, as it could be leaked as a compensation player if not included in the list of protected players. Lee Go-eun’s inclusion in the roster is certain as there is no clear alternative to the team when leaving as a compensation player.

▲ Potential to be included in the roster: Choi Ga-eun
is a player who has grown into a key middle blocker at Pepper Savings Bank starting from last season. Given his young age (born 2001) and rapid pace of development, he’s very likely to be on the protected roster. However, unlike Lee Han-bi, Oh Ji-young, and Lee Go-eun, who have virtually no alternative in the event of a leak, at the center of Pepper Savings Bank is Seo Chae-won, who gained experience together last season, and Yeom Er-Hung and Ha Hye-jin, who will return from injury. Pepper Savings Bank also nominated middle blocker MJ Phillips (Philippines/USA) in the Asia Quarter Tryout. There is a slim chance that unexpected situations will arise due to the difference in players.

▲Final Candidates: Baksa Rang, Yeom Eorheung, Seo Chae Won, Park Eun Seo, Park Kyung Hyun, Chae Sun Ah
If the above five people are included in the protected list, there is only one spot left. The players who will compete for this one spot are likely to be Park Sang-rang, Yeom Eor-Hung, Seo Chae-Won, Park Eun-Seo, Park Kyung-Hyeon, and Chae Sun-Ah. Every player has a reason to be included. Park Park and Yeom Er-Hung are both promising prospects selected as the first pick in the first round of the rookie draft, and Seo Chae-won is a middle blocker resource born in 2003 who has accumulated valuable full-season experience. Park Eun-seo has the league’s best serve and decent offense, and Park Gyeong-hyun is also a player who led Pepper Savings Bank’s second half of the season with sharp offense.  

Since Chae Seon-ah is a newly joined free agent, it is highly likely that she was included in the plan for next season from the beginning. Some believe that it is impossible to transfer Chae Seon-ah’s compensation player by citing Article 12 of the Korea Volleyball Federation’s (KOVO) Free Agent Management Regulations (restriction on the transfer of FA players), but as a result of <The Spike>’s inquiry to KOVO, the trade Transfers to non-loan compensation players are not restricted. Therefore, if Chae Seon-ah is not included in the list, she can transfer when nominated by Korea Expressway Corporation.

② Korea Expressway Corporation’s option
Accordingly, the Korea Expressway Corporation’s option is expected to be five players, excluding one included in the protection list, among the players in the final candidate group. However, it seems that the decision will not be easy as all the players have one decision. In the case of Park Bak-rang, he has the definite advantage of being a young tall setter, but because of the existence of Ahn Ye-rim, who shares that advantage to some extent, he is hesitant to choose him. It is attractive that Yeom Er-Hung and Seo Chae-Won are middle blockers who can fill the vacancy of Jeong Dae-Young, but Yeom Er-Hung is concerned about his knee injury history, and Seo Chae-Won has regrets in height compared to Jeong Dae-Young.

The case of Park Eun-seo and Park Kyung-hyeon is similar. They are players who can fill Park Jung-ah’s vacancy to some extent, but Park Eun-seo underwent ankle surgery, and Park Kyung-hyun, compared to Park Jung-ah, are left with a lack of height and serve. Chae Seon-ah stands out for her rich experience and stable defense, but it is doubtful whether this card is immediately necessary for Korea Expressway Corporation, which already has players who can cover the three rear positions, including Moon Jeong-won, one of the best receivers in the league, Lee Ye-eun, and Kim Se-in. .

If you can’t find a player you like, you can choose money altogether. Park Jung-ah’s salary for the previous season was 430 million won, and the option was 150 million won. It is an option worth considering if you plan to spend the next season in a rebuilding period focused on prospects and try to win in the off-season in 2024, when free agents such as Kang So-hui and Lee Joo-ah are expected.

Which players will Pepper Savings Bank include on the list of protected players? And what kind of choice will Korea Expressway Corporation make after receiving the list? The second round of the hot FA market is about to begin.

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