The Fireballer that KIA gave up… The leader nodded, it was 70%, but 146km ‘resurrection wish’

“I have to delay it a bit… ”

On the 4th (Korean time), Bellbank Park, Mesa, Arizona, USA. Hanwha pitchers started bullpen pitching. Moon Dong-joo of the ‘2nd year of the limited express’, Han Seung-hyeok, who transferred from KIA, and Nam Ji-min, another fireball player that Hanwha is paying attention to, warmed up side by side.

Pitching coach Carlos Rosado ordered them to throw 15 to 20 pitches with about 70% power. However, Moon Dong-ju showed off his great strength to the extent of recording the highest of 151 km and Han Seung-hyuk of 146 km. A Hanwha coach who was watching the bullpen pitching said with a smile, “I’ll have to slow it down a bit.”

The attention of reporters and officials was focused on Moon Dong-ju, but it is true that fans are focusing on fireballer Han Seung-hyuk, whom KIA gave up. Hanwha recruited Han Seung-hyuk and Jang Ji-soo as soon as this offseason began, while sending prospect Woo-hyeok Byun to the KIA.

As a result, Hanwha has a number of prospects for the 150km run, such as Moon Dong-ju, Kim Seo-hyun, Nam Ji-min, and Park Joon-young. General manager Sohn Hyuk said of Park Joon-young, who pitched in the bullpen after Moon Dong-ju, Han Seung-hyuk and Nam Ji-min, “His fastball pitch is better than Moon Dong-ju.”

However, General Manager Son is also as cautious as possible to Han Seung-hyeok. He is approaching Han Seung-hyuk, who has not exploded in the past, from a conservative perspective. Last year, he was included in KIA’s starting rotation, but was pushed out after less than a month. Looking back, it was almost like this after joining in 2011. 메이저사이트

Still, it seems clear that Han Seung-hyeok is preparing for this season with an attitude of ‘reflection against planting’. Captain Son also looked at Han Seung-hyuk and nodded his head. Even when he said that the pace seems fast, he said, “I just need to slow down a bit. It’s okay.”

Hanwha has set a long-term goal of forming a strong starting lineup centered on native pitchers. In fact, such a team built a dynasty. Currently, the native ace is Kim Min-woo, but it is important for pitchers who throw fast balls to show their potential and establish themselves as starters. Of course, Han Seung-hyuk was included in the idea. General Manager Son said, “In the end, the fast-paced kids have to explode.”

As a pitcher expert, General Manager Son has also caught Han Seung-hyuk’s technical points of improvement. However, Rosa is also thoroughly silent in order not to invade the realm of the field, such as pitching coach. The outcome of General Manager Son’s trade with Han Seung-hyuk should be watched over time. In the meantime, KIA fans have suffered too much hope torture, so there is a need to be calm.

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