‘The King of the End’ Shin Jin-seo Only 9 Dan left

Hana Bank 22-23 MZ Super Match Ahn Seong-jun and Song Ji-hoon of the 6th country

won a reversal after a nudge match (Hangame Baduk=Reporter Han Chang-gyu) Baduk was also a great marriage, and the situation was also a great marriage. As the M generation Ahn Seong-joon, 9th dan, played a double role again after being in a double battle, only captain Shin Jin-seo, 9th dan, remained in the Z generation. 슬롯사이트

On the afternoon of the 10th, at the Hana Bank 22-23 MZ Baduk Super Match 6th Division held at the Go TV studio, M generation 3 runner Ahn Seong-joon 9p defeated Gen Z runner 4 runner Song Ji-hoon 8p.

It was a complete mess until the end. First, Song Ji-hoon, 8th dan, walked the game with tight river water, but Ahn Seong-jun, 9th dan, counterattacked with artificial intelligence cheeky reading, creating an absolute advantage.

Song Ji-hoon, 8th dan, who failed greatly in the partial match, was ready to give up, but in the middle and late half, an unbelievable reverse situation occurred. Previously, the 97% win rate dominated by Ahn Seong-jun, 9th dan, was medicine. Again, Song Ji-hoon, 8th Dan, raised it to 99.8%.

“I thought it was okay in the first half, but I was shaken a lot when I made a mistake. At one point, I almost gave up.

This is the impression of Ahn Seong-jun, 9th Dan, who won by one and a half in 2 hours and 20 minutes and 330 moves. Fierce battles, endless swapping, and gang fights led to the longest watering and longest running time in this tournament.

In the MZ Baduk Super Match, Generation M (born between 1981 and 1996) and Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2010) split into five teams and compete in a winning streak. The average age of each team is 30.6 years old for Generation M and 23.8 years old for Generation Z. The prize money that the winning team monopolizes is 70 million won (a match fee of 1 million won).

Seongjun Ahn, 9P, who has won two consecutive victories, will face Shin Jinseo, 9P, the last bastion of Generation Z, on Thursday afternoon next week. He is a 9-dan Shin Jin-seo called the ‘end plate king’. Relative record is 8 wins based on Shin Jin-seo.

“I’ve wanted to play with Shin Jin-seo since I was selected for this tournament, but I’m happy. He’s a very strong opponent, so I think I’ll have to prepare a lot,” said Ahn Seong-jun, 9th dan, “I won eight games against me, but I wonder if they’ll give up on me in the ninth game?” I do,” he laughed.

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