The phenomenal Yeo Oh-hyun, 1st place in receiving even at the age of 45… The command tower was unexpected 

 “I’m seeing really unexpected situations this season.”

Even if you are in your mid-30s, the modifier ‘old man’ is attached to you. However, players born in the 1970s are still playing well on the court.

In volleyball, the life of a player is relatively short. This is because the content of the game itself, which is a series of vertical jumps, puts a strain on the body, including the knees, rather than the momentum itself. 바카라

However, common sense in the volleyball world does not apply to Yeo Oh-hyeon (45) of Hyundai Capital. Dodram ranks first in receiving efficiency (53.47%) in the 2022-2023 season. It is also running unrivaled first place with a large gap with second place Oh Jae-seong (44%).

Hyundai Capital will play the 5th round OK Financial Group at Cheonan Yu Gwansun Gymnasium on the 1st. Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong, who I met before the game, also clapped his tongue when the story of Yeo Oh-hyun came out. Director Choi substitutes Yeo Oh-hyun and Park Gyeong-min (24) according to the condition of the day.

“It is true that Park Kyung-min is better in terms of quickness.

He is a player who doesn’t usually say that he is having a hard time. Director Choi laughed, saying, “(Stamina) seems to be innate.”

In the last game, Hyundai Capital enjoyed the surprise switching of Heo Soo-bong and Hong Dong-seon. Director Choi explained, “I will create an atmosphere where I can concentrate a little more rather than a lot of operations.”

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