‘The Return of the Terminator’ Choi Myung-jin, a new track and field record… “Challenge the divisional record”

Choi Myung-jin (15, Iridong Middle School), who was called a super promising short-distance track and field athlete in Korea, also conquered the middle school stage.

Choi Myung-jin competed in the men’s middle school 100m final at the ’52nd Spring National Middle and High School Education Awards’ held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongbuk on the afternoon of the 13th and won the championship with a new record of 10 seconds 96.

Choi Myung-jin, who ran 11.17 in the preliminaries this morning, recorded 10.89 in the semifinals, breaking the previous record (10.99) set by Kim Dong-jin (Wolbaejung) last year.카지노사이트

Choi Myung-jin, who started from lane 4 of the finals, was the first to hit with a fast start, breaking through a weak headwind (-0.4m/s) and once again setting a new record.

Choi Myung-jin, a 6th grader at Iri Elementary School, participated in the 41st National City-Dodaehang Athletics Competition held in October 2020 by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism and recorded 11 seconds 67, breaking the elementary school record (previous 11 seconds 71) that had been tied for 27 years. Changed it and got attention.

Later, at the ‘National Elementary, Middle, and High School Track and Field Championships’, which she participated in the same month, she broke her own record and set a new Korean elementary school record (11 seconds 62).

Due to his muscular physique, which was not typical of an elementary school student, he was also called a ‘chominator (elementary school + terminator)’.

Choi Myeong-jin went to Iridong Middle School the following year amid great interest from the track and field world, but suffered for two years from a leg muscle tear and fracture during his growth period, failing to live up to the expectations of those around him.

Choi Myung-jin, who devoted himself to his treatment and rehabilitation, succeeded in perfect revival as a short-distance prospect once again.

Choi Myung-jin said, “My goal was 10 seconds and 69 seconds. I expected a better record. It’s disappointing, but I’m satisfied because it’s my first competition this year.”

The next goal is to participate in the 51st KBS Cup National Athletics Championships, which will open on the 5th of next month, and break the middle school record (10.73 seconds) set by Kim Dong-jin (Wolbae Middle School) in July last year. 

Kook-Young Kim, who maintains as a leading Korean sprinter, has a personal best record (PB) in the middle school division of 10 seconds 94.

Choi Myung-jin pledged, “If the wind was good today, I would have challenged (a new record by division), but I will run with the idea of ​​breaking my record rather than breaking a new record on the KBS boat.”

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