The same April as if it were different… Another SSG and LG?

At first glance, the image at the top of the leaderboard doesn’t seem to be much different from last year’s April. In April of last year, SSG and LG ran terribly. The two teams won 6 consecutive wins together, while SSG continued their undefeated march to 10 consecutive wins, and LG finished their opening 10 games with 7 wins and 3 losses. While SSG did not miss first place until the final day of the regular season, LG pursued it until the last minute.

Ten days have passed since the opening. Coincidentally, the 1st and 2nd places are the same this year as well. SSG, whose matches were canceled twice due to rain, is in first place with 5 wins and 1 loss, and LG is in second place with 6 wins and 2 losses.토토사이트

With so few games yet, it is difficult to predict the progress of the two teams. However, one thing has become clear. The point is that the two teams are running with completely different power from the beginning of last year.

In the opening 10 games of last year, SSG built a multiplier with the power of an overwhelming starting pitcher. The average ERA in the opening 10 games, led by Wilmer Font and Kim Gwang-hyun, was overwhelming at 1.17. This year, his starting ERA is 4.45, ranking 8th. On the other hand, the bullpen, which was relatively weak from the start of last year, is rather gaining strength. SSG’s bullpen ERA this year, which was 3.38 in the opening 10 games last year, is 0.76, ranking first. This is the effect of adding Song Young-jin, a high school graduate rookie, as a major resource in the first team with his adaptability beyond expectations, to the existing forces such as Seo Jin-yong, Noh Kyung-eun, and Choi Min-jun.

SSG’s beast lineup is not much different from last year. In the end, with the change in pitching power, which had a negative factor, it seems that the course of this season will be decided, and the seesaw game between the selection and the bullpen is completely different from last year.

LG’s bullpen ERA, which was 0.63 in the opening 10 games last year, fell slightly to 2.73 this year. In the situation of finisher Go Woo-seok’s departure, it is holding up well, but it is not as overwhelming as last year. However, the starting ERA is stable, ranking first overall with 2.70.

In the big picture, the pitching staff continued the trend last year, and the movement of the batting line has changed. Last year, he hit 7 home runs in the opening 10 games, but this year, he has yet to hit a home run in the opening 8 games. Instead, the number of team stolen bases, which was 5 in the opening 10 games, increased to 17 in the opening 8 games. At the chance, the gaze shifted from the hitter to the runner.

Above all, Hyun-soo Kim, who scored 9 RBIs with an OPS of 1.069 in the opening 10 games in the LG lineup at the beginning of last year, and Bo-kyung Moon, with an OPS of 0.959, stood out the most. Last year, there was a foreign hitter who was almost nonexistent from the beginning.

The two teams are running similar races to this time last year in terms of win rates. Also, side by side, I swept all the series last weekend. SSG won three consecutive victories at Hanwha in Daejeon, and LG captured all three victories against Samsung in Jamsil. They proved the concentration that only strong teams have by catching games that could have been given away in the mid-to-late half of the game. However, compared to last year, the way I run has changed. For track and field athletes, the running laws have changed. On the other hand, in order to look deeply into the energy of the two teams, it seems that we need to see a little more running. The remaining April is also expected to be a time to check how much the new state law has been digested as one’s own.

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