“The secret to winning? You can run in the highlands of Kenya”

“There is only one secret to my victory. It is to train in the highlands of Kenya.”

Kihugi Peter Mihango, the winner who achieved a record of 1 hour 14 minutes 47 seconds in the half course of the 19th 3 River Marathon held at Daejeon Expo Citizen Plaza on the morning of the 14th. (33) answered the question about the secret to winning as follows. He said that Kenya’s unique environment is advantageous for the marathon.

In fact, Kenya’s average elevation is 1600 m, forming a highland terrain. It is explained that high-intensity training is possible due to the lack of oxygen compared to flat land, and this environment is optimal for marathon training.

After completing high-intensity training in Kenya, Mihango arrived in Daejeon five years ago. Having trained in the highlands of Kenya, he even became an amateur runner at the National Marathon Association, and participated in many competitions in Korea, winning several awards. He won the runner-up in 2 hours 32 minutes and 50 seconds at the full course of the Chungcheong Marathon in 2019 and won the half course of the Jangheung National Marathon in Jeongnamjin last month.카지노사이트

Mihango’s love of marathons is straightforward. When asked why he runs marathons, he simply replies, “Because I love marathons.” He explains that although running a marathon is painful, the feeling of release and freedom when you reach the finish line makes your legs work.

When asked about his future plans, he said, “I will be returning to my hometown, Kenya soon, and my goal is to win as many gold medals as possible before then.”

Mr. Mihango said, “I am very happy and happy to play in the hot but clear weather. I will work hard and win the championship in the future.”

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