The secret to Woori Bank winning in 25 matches? “Because Sam Lee is good” “Thanks to Danbi unnie”

Women’s pro basketball player Asan Woori Bank Kim Dan-bi (33) and Choi Lee-sam (29) are known as ‘Dan-Sam’. During the game, they show off their breath, and after the game, they enjoy a late-night snack together and talk about basketball. Danbi Kim, who changed her uniform at Shinhan Bank in Incheon ahead of the 2022-2023 season, was able to quickly integrate into the team thanks to Lee Sam Choi. Kim Dan-bi, who said, “I’m most looking forward to playing with Lee-sam Choi” while transferring to Woori Bank, boasted of ‘best friends’ and ‘strong chemistry’ this season, leading the team to the regular league championship in 25 games.

When we met Danbi Kim at the Woori Bank Gymnasium in Jangwi-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul on the 17th and asked her the secret to winning, she praised her, saying, “(Choi) Sam Lee did well,” and Lee Sam Choi laughed, saying, “Thanks to (Kim) Danbi.” Danbi Kim said, “As much as scoring a goal myself, I like playing to create scoring opportunities for my teammates.” I looked back. Choi E-sam said, “During the game, I could feel Danbi’s gaze saying, ‘I will give you the ball. After these words, Kim Dan-bi introduced, “I had three triple-doubles this season, and I was able to fill half of the assists thanks to Lee Sam.” Again, Choi Lee-sam said, “My sister gave me a pass to score an easy goal.”

The two have teamed up in the national team before, but this is the first time they have been playing on the same team. “I still can’t believe that I am on the same team as her older sister,” said Sam Choi. Kim Dan-bi recalled, “I didn’t think much of it because the uniforms of Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank were the same blue.”

The two of them became a ‘famous combination’, but at the beginning of the season, they said that they were very worried about the burden and anxiety. Lee Sam Choi hinted, “During the off-season, breathing didn’t work out so well that I just repeated the word ‘It was a big deal’.” Danbi Kim also said, “The burden was great and I was only worried that we had to win unconditionally.” 카지노사이트

How has the atmosphere at Woori Bank changed with the recruitment of Kim Dan-bi? Choi Yi-sam said, “The route to develop an attack or switch to defense has diversified,” and “Director Seong-Woo Wi seems to be less angry.” As if not agreeing, Kim Dan-bi refuted, saying, “Director Wi has been angry 366 out of 365 days since Shinhan Bank’s coaching days.” Did you notice it? Kim Dan-bi immediately praised director Wi. He admitted, “After taking charge of the team for a long time, coach Wie’s passion for basketball seems to have grown more than before.”

Woori Bank, which lifted the championship cup in the regular league, is now challenging the integrated championship. Coach Wi promised the players a ‘sufficient vacation’ as a gift for winning the championship. However, it seems that Kim Dan-bi and Choi Yi-sam are not satisfied. When Sam Choi said, “At least my vacation is two months long, and when I return, it’s obvious that training will be as difficult as I went on vacation.” It seems that coach Wi needs to make a big decision for Woori Bank to win the combined championship.

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