The trauma of the 0-9 defeat against Liverpool… Parker “lost interest in football”

A trauma remains for manager Scott Parker, who led Bournemouth until the beginning of this season.

Manager Parker took the helm of Bournemouth, which was in the second division, from 2021. At the time, he led Bournemouth and secured a stable game operation and an overwhelming share, winning and winning. In the end, he achieved good results in the 2021-22 season and achieved promotion to the English Premier League (EPL).

The goal for the 2022-23 season thus prepared was to remain. There were so many outstanding clubs, but we prepared the schedule for the 1st division with high expectations after maintaining good performance in the 2nd division. After winning 2-0 against Aston Villa from the first round, the first start after promotion was good.

However, Daejin luck was not good. The 2nd and 3rd rounds were Manchester City and Arsenal, who were at the top of the league. As expected, Bournemouth were lethargic and lost 0-4 to Manchester City and 0-3 to Arsenal. 슬롯사이트

It was a mountain beyond a mountain. Round 4 was Liverpool. Coach Parker was cautious because he was on a two-game losing streak. However, it produced more humiliating results than the previous two games. It was just a 0-9 defeat. The Bournemouth players collapsed at Anfield home, completely losing their motivation. The rest of EPL history was left as a crushing defeat.

Eventually, manager Parker was sacked. Director Parker was also frustrated, saying, “It was a painful day. I wouldn’t wish this outcome for anyone.” In the end, even before the summer transfer market was over at the time, the board could not bear the humiliation of the 0-9 defeat. Parker left Bournemouth by mutual agreement.

After that, it was left as a trauma. “He lost interest in football and didn’t watch the games,” Parker said in an interview with the British Telegraph.

Director Parker said, “I was a little afraid of what would happen if I wasn’t completely on the floor. I felt like a failure at first, and I was always afraid of not having a real purpose. I didn’t have to get up in the morning and I didn’t have the motivation. I was afraid that even if I ate it, this would come out.”

Still, Parker found a new manager position after three months. He made a commitment to his new start by taking the helm of Club Brugge in the Belgian league.

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