The trusted ace’s absurd turnover parade led to a painful defeat

Tatum’s concentration on the winning spots was disappointing. 

The Boston Celtics lost 116-123 in the 2022-2023 NBA Playoff Eastern Conference Finals Miami Heat held at TD Garden on the 18th (hereinafter Korean time). 

It was an ace match between Jayson Tatum and Jimmy Butler. Both players scored the most points on either team, with Tatum scoring 30 points and Butler scoring 34 points.

However, the joys and sorrows were clearly mixed in the match. Butler proved to be a heart of steel again, and Tatum, who committed three turnovers in less than two minutes, bowed in front of the home fans. 

Boston, which was being dragged, laid the foundation for the chase by tying Miami scoreless for over three minutes after the middle of the fourth quarter. However, the turnover was disappointing. Following Al Horford, Tatum missed a chance to tie the game by committing a pass miss. 먹튀검증

Miami took a breather and escaped the scoring drought with Caleb Martin’s three-point shot. Still, Boston’s hopes were not completely lost. It was a score gap that could be overturned by scoring 7 points in 2 minutes.

However, Tatum, whom he believed in, could not save the team. Tatum self-destructed in a manner unbefitting an ace, committing trebling in succession in the ensuing possession. Being too conscious of the opponent’s defense became poison.

Butler did not miss the flow that Tatum handed over to the trebling and immediately put a 3-point shot and put a wedge in the game. In fact, the difference between the two teams was the difference in Ace’s clutch presence.

Both teams’ series has just begun. The two players are expected to continue fighting for the fate of their team throughout the series. Which player will laugh in Game 2?

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