This year, 30 domestic and 41 international tennis competitions will be held… 69 competitions for daily life sports

The Korea Tennis Association held a regular general meeting of delegates in 2023 and approved last year’s business settlement and this year’s budget.

On the 11th, the association held the 2023 regular general meeting of delegates at the Yuseong Hotel Annex in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, and ▲ 2022 regular audit results ▲ 2023 business plan and budget ▲ Report on the designation as a management organization for the Korea Secondary Tennis Federation ▲ 2022 business report and settlement report ▲ Revision of the Articles of Incorporation ▲ Deliberation and resolution were made on matters such as the composition of the Sports Fair Committee.

According to the approved business plan for 2023, a total of 30 domestic competitions (8 budget projects, 2 supervised projects, 20 approved projects) and 41 international competitions (32 budget projects, 7 dispatch projects, 2 supervised projects) ) will be held, and a total of 69 competitions (2 budget projects, 1 supervised project, 66 ranking competitions) will be held for daily life sports.

In addition, various contest projects such as 185 division leagues and 40 youth club leagues (i-league) are planned, as well as training programs for players of each level and training and education projects. Various PR projects are in progress to strengthen power.

Following the general meeting of delegates, the 2022 KTA Sports Merit Award and Hana Securities KTA Tour Life Sports Ranking Ceremony were also held. This awards ceremony is an event that selects meritorious persons who have dedicated themselves to the development of tennis in Korea in each category over the past year, presents plaques of merit, and awards the top performers in the rankings of sports clubs in each department.

Last year, 30,718 club members participated in 46 sports competitions for life, and the association provided scholarships to outstanding male and female junior players in each department with a fund of 30,718,000 won for fostering young people. Scholarships for 10-year-old Choi Min-gun (Mokhaengcho), Kim Seo-hyeon (Jeonju Geumamcho), 12-year-old Shin Jae-joon (Yanggu-cho), Hong Ye-ri 메이저놀이터, 14-year-old Cho Se-hyeok (Namwon Sports Club), Lee Seo-ah (Chuncheon Sports Club) ), 16-year-old Roh Ho-young (Osan G-Sports Club), Choi On-yu (Hwaseong City Tennis Association), and 18-year-old Jang Woo-hyuk and Kim Yu-jin (Bucheon G-Sports Club).

At the award ceremony for those of physical merit that followed, plaques of appreciation were given to those who contributed to the development of tennis in each category, including merit, life sports, referee, coaching, and substitute training, and a total of four regional ranking competitions, including Gyeongbuk, Siheung, Yangpyeong, and Wonju, were selected as excellent competitions. had the honor of becoming

In the award ceremony for the best performers in the club rankings, Jang Tae-seon of the Forsythia Division, Ye Ju-yeon of the Chrysanthemum Division, Na Won-geun of the Youth Division, Kim Young-gu of the Senior Division, and Park Jae-gwan of the Veteran Division won the title for each division.

Jeong Hee-gyun, head of the Korea Tennis Association, said, “Last year, many good things happened. I believe that tennis will become the best sport in Korea when they are promoted on the global stage and a balance of quantity and quality is achieved. I sincerely congratulate all the award winners, and I hope that you will continue to work together for Korean tennis.”

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