‘Top 16 Worst Gambling Opportunities in Real History’… No. 1 is obviously Azhar, but there’s also a ‘Ballon d’Or winner’ and a ‘WC goalscorer’!

Eden Hazard has finally been released by Real Madrid after being labeled the “fraud of the century”.

Real Madrid officially announced the termination of his contract on April 4. He joined the club in 2019 from English Premier League (EPL) side Chelsea in a €120 million ($167.3 billion) transfer.

Since then, he has suffered a steep decline. Injuries and a weight controversy turned him into a fringe player. In the end, Azar finished his Real Madrid career with 54 league appearances and four goals in four seasons.

Few would deny that the signing of Azar is the number one worst signing in Real Madrid’s history. In response, the British website GiveMeSports has released its “Top 16” list of Real Madrid’s worst signings of all time, including Azhar.

As one might expect, Azar is unsurprisingly at the top of the list. “The €120 million signing was a huge disappointment for everyone. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t think it’s the worst transfer in Real Madrid’s history. The worst signing Real Madrid has ever made.”

He then revealed a ranking from 16th to 2nd.

At number 16 is Daniluda, who joined Real Madrid from Porto in 2015. The transfer cost 31.5 million euros ($43.9 billion). Julien Faubert, who joined the club from West Ham in 2009, is ranked 15th, while Royston Drenthe, who joined the club from Feyenoord in 2007 for a transfer fee of €14 million ($19.5 billion), is ranked 14th.

Antonio Cassano (2006-AS Roma – €5 million, $6.9 billion) is 13th, Javier Saviola (2007-Barcelona-FA) is 12th, and Pedro Leon (2010-Getafe – €10 million, $13.9 billion) is 11th.

Rounding out the top 10 are Haynier (2020-Flamengo – €30 million, $41.8 billion) in 10th place, Robert Prosinetsky (1991-Red Star – €15 million, $20.9 billion) in 9th, Walter Samuel (2004-AS Roma – €25 million, $34.8 billion) in 8th, and Nicolas Anelka (1999-Arsenal – €34.5 million, $48.2 billion) in 7th.

In sixth place is José Rodríguez, the top scorer at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. His transfer fee from AS Monaco to Real Madrid in 2014 was €80 million ($111.5 billion).토토사이트

Rounding out the top five is AC Milan’s crown prince and 2007 Ballon d’Or winner Kaka, who reigned as the world’s best player as a teenager, behind No. 5 Elvir Balotelli (1999-Fenerbahce – €26 million, $36.2 billion). In 2009, Kaka moved to Real Madrid as the centerpiece of the Galactico policy, setting a record transfer fee of €65 million ($90.6 billion).

Jonathan Woodgate (2004-Newcastle – 18.3 million euros ($25.5 million)) was third, Luka Jovic (2019-Frankfurt – 66 million euros ($92 million)) was second, and, as mentioned earlier, Azar was first.

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