‘Two-horned’ defense takes a huge hit…”Coming back? I need time” Sigh, Bauer in danger of being out for the season

Trevor Bauer (Yokohama DeNA Basestars), who has been “thriving” in Nippon Professional Baseball since being effectively shut down by Major League Baseball, has a more serious condition than expected.

Bauer took the mound against the Hanshin Tigers of the Nippon Professional Baseball 2023 at Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, on March 30, after throwing 55 pitches in three innings, allowing two hits (one home run), two walks, two strikeouts, and one run (one earned).

After picking up his first win in his Nippon Professional Baseball debut and then getting blown out for seven runs in back-to-back games, Babour has lived up to his 2020 National League Cy Young Award nomination since returning to the first team after an adjustment period with the second team. Since May 27, Babour has pitched six innings in 15 consecutive games and has fanned 100 or more batters in 14 consecutive games.

In June, Bauer went 4-0 with a 2.08 ERA in four games, earning his first monthly MVP title, and from August 25 until his return to the first team, he pitched a quality start (six innings or less) in 13 of 14 games, continuing his success in Japan. But then he encountered an unexpected setback.

In the bottom of the third inning against Hanshin, trailing 0-1, Koji Chikamoto hit a line drive to the left of the pitcher and in front of the third baseman. Bauer sprinted to the plate, slid to make a backhanded catch, twisted, and threw the ball toward first base. However, the throw was deflected and turned into an infield hit, putting runners at second and third.

Bauer worked the next batter, Tagumu Nakano, around a fastball that topped out at 157 mph and induced a fly ball to left field, then struck out the next batter, Shota Morishita, to end the inning without a run. But in the fourth inning, Bauer was nowhere to be seen on the mound. He was “injured” while handling a Chikamoto hit.

After the game, manager Daisuke Miura explained that Bauer “felt discomfort in his right hip,” according to multiple Japanese media outlets at the time, and announced that Bauer would undergo a medical examination in Yokohama on the 31st. As Yokohama did not play the previous day, the results of Bauer’s examination were not reported, but the condition seems to be a bit serious.

Japan’s Sponichi Annex reported on the morning of the 1st that Yokohama could be dropping him from the first team due to the injury. “The possibility of Bauer being dropped from the first team has emerged,” the outlet said, “It is possible that he has torn a muscle in his lower body. If it is a torn muscle, it will take time to heal, and he may not be able to pitch for the rest of the season.”

For Yokohama DeNA, it’s a huge upset. Yokohama DeNA is 59 wins, 3 ties, 55 losses, and a 0.518 winning percentage in the Central League this year, ranking third in the Central League and struggling to break into Class A (leagues 1-3), with only two games separating them from the fourth-place Yomiuri Giants. In a situation that is never reassuring, Bauer’s departure could mean missing out on fall baseball.

It’s a view shared by the Japanese media. “If Bauer is expunged, it would be a huge blow to the team,” said Sponichi Annex. The loss of the Cy Young Award-winning right-hander, who is 10-4 so far and can pitch long innings in short spurts, will leave a huge hole for Daisuke Miura’s Yokohama DeNA, who are in contention for a spot in the Climax Series.”카지노사이트

Bauer was eventually removed from the first team roster on the afternoon of the first day. According to multiple local media outlets, including Japan’s Sports Hochi, Bauer was diagnosed with a distal right iliopsoas injury after a medical examination. The iliopsoas is a muscle located slightly above the pelvis, which is essentially a back injury. Miura said, “We have removed Bauer from the first team. I feel like it’s going to take a little bit (of time),” he said, adding, “Coming back this season? It’s going to take time.”

“It hurts, but it was an accident in the middle of a play. I think Bauer made a great play to get the out. It’s an accident, so we can’t do anything about it. He was disappointed, and I told him to focus on his recovery.” For now, the manager was tight-lipped about the timing of Bauer’s return. It is clear that Yokohama DeNA is in the midst of a major crisis.

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