‘WBC drinking scandal’ SSG Kim Kwang-hyun to start NC game on Nov. 11

Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG Landers), who made waves with his ‘WBC drinking’, will start on the 11th.

SSG Landers announced Kim Kwang-hyun as the starting pitcher for the 11th game after losing 0-7 in the ‘2023 KBO League’ NC Series at Changwon NC Park on the 10th.

It will be his first appearance in 22 days since last month’s 20th game against the Lotte Giants in Sasik, Busan.

Kim Kwang-hyun made waves in March when it was revealed that he drank alcohol after leaving his hotel and entering a bar during the WBC tournament. The disappointing behavior of key pitchers, who are supposed to be in top form ahead of important games, was seen as an irresponsible aberration that was difficult to understand not only by baseball fans but also by the public.

The SSG Landers gave Kim Kwang-hyun a de facto suspension in the face of public criticism. After admitting to drinking on the first day, Kim apologized to the media and was removed from the roster.

On July 7, the KBO concluded its punishment committee and announced, “Based on Article 151 [Impairment of Dignity] of the KBO Constitution, the KBO imposed a disciplinary action of 80 hours of community service and a sanction of 5 million won on Kim Kwang-hyun for damaging the dignity of the national team by visiting entertainment bars twice during the tournament.”

Lee Yong-chan (NC) and Chung Chul-won (Doosan) were each fined 40 hours of community service and 3 million won in sanctions.먹튀검증

Since there was no severe punishment such as a league suspension, the players can return to the first team at any time as long as their roster expiration period has passed. With 11 days to register for the roster, SSG decided to use Kwang-hyun immediately.

Kim is 3-1 with a 3.48 ERA in eight games this season with 37 strikeouts. This is his first start of the season against NC. From the start of his comeback, Kwang-hyun will have a heavy responsibility. SSG, who are in the lead, have lost 9-10 games in a row and are in danger of a sweep. It’s time for the team’s veteran ace to pitch like a champion.

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