“Welcome to loud voices and booing”… A ‘festival of madness’ at the ‘Manner Sports’ golf course

In ‘manners sport’ golf, we are quiet and careful not to interfere with the game. However, there are exceptions. In this competition, the more you send high scores and booing, the more applause you get. This year, a chase was also held in a swimsuit.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


When the tee shot went over the green,

[Stop! stop! Woo~]

When the ball rolled from a distance stopped long after the hole cup,


He hadn’t even hit it yet, but he shook his head after being booed, but one tee shot changed the mood.

[Are you kidding me?]

The crowd threw water bottles and beer cans and cheered, and even the players picked them up.

The scene where the players drink beer and dance behind the players preparing their shots shows why the Phoenix Open is called the ‘golf liberation zone’.

Athletes are no exception.

Kim Joo-hyung plays the ball wearing a Phoenix NBA star Devin Booker uniform where the tournament was held.

Hermann pushes and pulls as if he is shrinking, then throws the ball into the crowd.

Hole 16, reminiscent of the Roman Colosseum, is truly the pinnacle.

A so-called ‘open run’ is held to secure a good seat among the 20,000 spectators. 온라인바카라

[5, 4, 3, 2, 1 start!]

This year, a man in a swimsuit broke into the course and fled to the lake, showing off his swimming skills, but was eventually arrested.

Schaeffler regained the world number 1 spot with two consecutive losses, and Im Seong-jae tied for 6th among Korean players.

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