‘What is this?’ NYY Judge, ‘surprise’ transformation as a first baseman

 Reporter Yoon-Jun Ko = Aaron Judge, who signed a 9-year, $360 million contract this offseason and was appointed captain, had his first spring training. Not as a right fielder, but as a first baseman.

Reporter Brian Hoch of ‘MLB.com’ released a photo of the Yankees training scene on the 15th (Korean time). Surprisingly, in the photo, Judge was training as a first baseman.

On this day, Judge actually practiced defense while wearing a first baseman’s mitt instead of an outfield glove. He was billed by DJ LeMayhew and Isaiah Cainer-Palepa.

In fact, it’s not new to Judge standing on first base. Because he was a pitcher and first baseman at Linden High School. However, he later switched to the outfield, and has never played as a first baseman since reaching the major leagues.

While everyone was confused about the picture, director Aaron Boone opened up. After the training, coach Boon emphasized that it was not a change in his position, saying, “It is nothing.” 토토사이트

The Yankees can have many players on first base. Anthony Rizzo and LeMayheu share the position together. In addition, rookie Oswaldo Cabrera, who made his debut last year, also played three games as a first baseman.

Therefore, it is very unlikely that Judge will change his position right now. However, he is not an injury-free player. Also, with a huge body of 201cm-127kg, the risk of injury while playing in the outfield is very high.

Judge has a nine-year contract, so there’s a lot of talk that he can and should come back to first base. Right now, what I want from Judge is his healthy physical condition and a home run. Attention is focusing on what choice the Yankees will make with Judge in the future.

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