“Wherever I go, it feels like our home.” Kim Mi-yeon stands tall at the center of victory

“A lot of fans always come to away games, so it doesn’t feel like it’s an away game. Thank.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance won with a set score 3-0 (25-23, 26-24, 25-19) in a head-to-head confrontation with Korea Expressway Corporation in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 21st.

Yelena Mrazenovich (registered name Yelena), Kim Mi-yeon, and Kim Yeon-kyung scored double digits with 20 points, 17 points, and 14 points side by side, and the triangle formation was very active.

Among them, the protagonist of victory is Kim Mi-yeon. He scored 17 points, including two serves. The attack success rate was also high at 65.22%. He played the role of an ace by scoring decisive points.

Kim Mi-yeon, who we met after the game, said, “It feels so good to win on a good day. It didn’t work out well in the beginning, but the more I played, the more confident I got.”

Kim Mi-yeon said it didn’t work out well in the beginning, but his scoring ability was good. The 7 points were the most on the team. He cited the winning factor, saying, “Since I was shaken a lot in the receiving part, I thought I should do well at least hitting it, but that part worked well.”

Korea Expressway Corporation Catherine Bell (registered name Catbell), who was on her opponent, played an active part in Heungkuk Life Insurance in the 2021-2022 season. What would it have been like to meet her on the other side of the court? Kim Mi-yeon said, “It feels like we’ve met in a few years, but it turned out that we met in a year. More time has passed than I thought. I haven’t been able to meet and talk in person yet, but I was glad to see you before the game,” she said.

Lee Won-jeong, who wore the uniform of Heungkuk Life Insurance as a trade this season, has recently stepped on the court more often. On this day, he was also substituted in the third set and showed various plays. He also scored well. He blocked the opponent’s main gun Catbell twice and scored 3 points with 2 blocks and 1 serve. 메이저사이트

Regarding Lee Won-jung, “(Lee) Won-jeong has a quiet personality. Since I don’t talk much, I try to talk a lot first even when working out. It’s been a while since I came here, so I don’t know the style very well. So I am trying to hit more balls.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance was in a somewhat cluttered atmosphere, but grades did not drop. The players are also more solid. Kim Mi-yeon said, “It was a difficult thing to pass on casually. Still, when we play, he said we should focus on the game, so I think that kind of solidarity is shown,” he said calmly.

It is Heungkuk Life Insurance that starts happily with victory on the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday. Regarding the upcoming holiday, he smiled bitterly, saying, “I will take a day off tomorrow, and prepare for the KGC Ginseng Corporation competition.”

At the start of the holiday season, not only did they win, but they also sold out once more. Wherever Heungkuk Life Insurance goes, whether home or away, it continues to sell out. He said thanks for this. Kim Mi-yeon said, “Thank you for coming all the way to Gimcheon even though it’s a holiday and the weather is very cold. A lot of fans always come to our away games, so it doesn’t feel like it’s an away game. Thank. Happy New Year and I will repay you with a good match.”

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