Why did Jung Young-sam, who appeared as a special guest, smile wide?

“They know the value of one goal.”

On the 5th, at the National Sports Center in Seo-gu, Incheon, the ‘1st Rookie Cup Youth Basketball Tournament with 2NT Bugs’ held by Rookie, a professional basketball magazine, was held.

After running well from morning to evening, the 1st Rookie Cup Youth Basketball Tournament ended safely. Even in the cold weather, many players and parents visited the gym early in the morning, and the passion for basketball melted the cold. On this day, mainly 6th graders of elementary school, who are about to enter middle school, appeared.

The tournament ended with the final match between Gangseo Thunders and KOREA, where a seesaw game was played where the outcome was unknown until the end. The winner was the Gangseo Thunders, but it was a fierce game that both teams deserved applause.

On this day, a special guest visited the gym to encourage the athletes. Commentator Jung Young-sam, a guard from the national team and currently meeting with fans through basketball broadcasts on SPOTV, appeared as an award presenter at the awards ceremony and encouraged the players. 메이저사이트

Commentator Jeong, who met after the tournament, showed satisfaction by praising the players. He also said that it is more fun to watch young players play than pros play. For what reason?

He said, “Personally, it’s more fun to watch young players’ games than professional games. Although they don’t score a lot, they are friends who know the value of a single goal well. It’s fun to see the innocent side of Hae-ri,” he explained.

Commissioner Jeong smiled, saying that he was a student who was not good at basketball when he was young. In his opinion, what are the elements that youth players should have the most?

Commissioner Jung Young-sam emphasized, “For young players, whether they are good at basketball or not, their skills are not important.

When asked about the comparison between elite basketball and club basketball, he replied, “There doesn’t seem to be a big difference between club basketball and elite basketball. When I was young, I didn’t feel the difference because everyone was just playing basketball because they loved it.”

Finally, Jung Young-sam encouraged the players, saying, “I saw today that many 6th graders who are going to middle school soon came. .

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