‘Winning prize money of 1.9 billion’ Two days later, a horse that won 490,000 won in a neighborhood competition

Max Homa (33, USA), who reached the top of the PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open, which ended on the 29th of last month, said of his victory, “I will be changing my son’s diaper tomorrow, but I think he will feel much better than usual.”

Homa gave birth to his first son, Cam Andrews, last November. Winning the Farmers Insurance Open was her first top-flight since her son was born. Homa celebrated his sixth PGA Tour victory by kissing his wife, Lacey, and their son at the event. The winning prize was 1.566 million dollars (approximately 1.93 billion won). 토토사이트

Two days later, Homa went out on a golf course and reached the top again. The news was not widely known because it was a local golf tournament held at a local golf course. Homa, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, participated in the skins tournament held at a local golf course on the 31st of last month and won the championship with 67 strokes with a 5-under par. And he won the prize money of 400 dollars (about 490,000 won). Golf Digest reported on the 1st, “Homa earned money for diapers by working in the rain on Mondays when there were no tournaments (such as the PGA Tour).” The news of Homa becoming the local golf champion came to light when local players who competed in the same tournament posted a video of the tournament along with a scorecard on social media. Homa said that during periods when there are no tour events, he often plays in his neighborhood to keep up the game feeling.

Homa, who is considered one of the world’s best players, is more like a hard-working golfer. Homa participated in 17 tournaments in the 2016-2017 season, missing the cut 15 times and losing his tour card. However, he did not give up, refined his shot and returned to the tour, and recently won 4 victories in 29 tournaments. ‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (48, USA) also highly praises Homa’s concise shot. People around him said in unison, “You can tell how much Homa loves golf by seeing how he never stops playing and practicing.”

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