‘Without Messi-Mbappe’ PSG, 1-3 defeat to Monaco…’Given a chance to pursue’

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) collapsed in vain.

PSG lost 1-3 to AS Monaco in the 23rd round of the French Ligue 1 in the 2022-23 season held at Louis II Stadium in Monaco, France on the 12th at 1:00 am (Korean time). With this, PSG recorded their 3rd loss of the season (17 wins, 3 draws) and maintained 54 points.

It’s an uneasy lead. 2nd place Monaco has narrowed the gap to 7 points with 47 points, and Olympique Marseille, who have not played yet, has 46 points (3rd place). 5 points if Marseille wins.

The home team, Monaco, used a 4-4-2 formation. Ben Segier, Ben Yedder, Golovin, Kamara, Popana, Diatta, Enrique, Marifan, Disasi, Aguilar and Nubel competed.

The visiting team, PSG, put forward a 3-5-2 formation. Neymar, Ekitike, Bernat, Soler, Vitinya, Jaire Emery, Pembele, Biciavi, Marquinhos, Danilo and Donnarumma sortied. Messi and Mbappe were left out of the list due to hamstring injuries.

Four goals were scored in the first half alone. First, Monaco scored in the fourth minute of the first half. A throw-in was played from the right side, and Popana broke through into the penalty box with her footing and passed it. The ball hit Marquinhos and was deflected to Ben Yedder, and the subsequent shot hit Danilo and Ben Yedder and flowed sideways. Golovin pushed it lightly.

Monaco scored an extra goal. In the 18th minute of the first half, Bichiaby lost the ball in the PSG camp. Ben Yedder intercepted this and scored with a shot from the goal area towards the far post.

PSG scored the chase goal. In the 39th minute of the first half, Soler put in a through pass, and Bernat, who overlapped, posted a grounder cross. On the other side, Zair Emery, who had a no-mark chance, shook the net with an inside shot. 스포츠토토

Monaco widened the gap again. In the 2nd minute of added time in the first half, Ben Segier stabbed an exquisite through pass to Ben Yedder penetrating between the defensive lines. After seeing the goalkeeper come out, he pushed it towards the other side.

As PSG started the second half, Bichiaby was removed and Ramos was put in. And in the 14th minute of the second half, Danilo was replaced by Garbi.

Monaco missed the opportunity to drive a wedge. In the 16th minute of the second half, Enrique crossed from the left and Ben Yedder connected with a sensational shot from the door. However, Donnarumma threw himself to block it, and at the same time an offside was declared.

PSG eventually let Hakimi in in the 21st minute of the second half. On the other hand, in the 27th minute of the second half, Monaco, who had a lot of space, removed Ben Yedder and Ben Segier and put in Embolo and Minamino.

PSG almost scored an own goal. In the 29th minute of the second half, Golovin crossed after dribbling from the left side of the penalty box. Ramos stretched out his foot from the goal and headed towards the goal. Donnarumma blocked it with her foot.

In the 35th minute of the second half, PSG called in Vitinya and Ekitike and sent in Kimpembe and Housuni. Neymar has been working full-time.

Monaco swallowed the regret. In the 1st minute of extra time in the second half, Minamino, who received Embolo’s pass, had a decisive opportunity in front of the goal, but was blocked by goalkeeper Donnarumma. The game ended with Monaco winning 3-1.

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