Women’s volleyball ‘Welcome, is this your first time?’ – Men’s volleyball ‘Everyone knows’

The whole process, from the free agent (FA) to the foreign mercenary draft, has been completed. If the Asian quota system had not been implemented, the difference in change would have been even more stark.

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held a men’s outside tryout from the 6th to the 8th in Turkey, Turkey, and a women’s outside tryout from the 11th to the 13th. It is a face-to-face draft conducted four years after the spread of Corona 19 and regulations were eased.

In this process, the men’s team chose experience instead of adventure. It is a relatively safe choice for the club. It is much more stable in terms of breathing because I have been in sync with domestic Jin for a long time. However, when looking at the league as a whole, the high salary phenomenon has intensified. The men’s team went out to the field and couldn’t find a new outsider that met their expectations. As a result, 6 out of 7 clubs maintained ‘familiar faces’. 

Korean Air, KB Insurance, OK Financial Group, and Korea Electric Power have renewed contracts with existing foreign investors. Therefore, Lincoln, Viyena, Leo, and Thais will be active on the Korean stage in the 23-24 season. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance changed the face of the main gun, but chose Yosbani Hernandez with rich experience in the V-League and did not take the risk. 

Yosbani was active on the Korean stage until relatively recently with OK Financial Group in the 18-19 season, Hyundai Capital in the 19-20 season, and Korean Air in the 20-21 season. Ikbairi, who played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, moved to Hyundai Capital this season. Only Woori Card attempts a new challenge by recruiting ‘New Face’ Matei Kok (Slovenia).

Na Gyeong-bok (Woori Card → KB Insurance) was the only player who moved in the previous free agency. Other than that, everyone chose to stay with the existing club. Accordingly, almost everyone in the men’s division has completed preparations for the new season with ‘old buildings’. Of course, since the Asian Quarter is the first implementation, there is no choice but to pick up all new players.  

On the other hand, an eventful and interesting trend was observed in the free agency, foreign draft, and trade in the women’s division.

Previously, in the FA held in April, big players moved. Park Jung-ah, who won the championship in the previous season’s championship game, took a bold step toward Pepper Savings Bank. The highest annual salary is 775 million won and the highest treatment is received with a three-year contract. After that, Chae Seon-ah headed from Ginseng Corporation to Pepper Savings Bank.

Then, veteran Kim Su-ji, who kept IBK Industrial Bank’s midfield for 6 years, transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance, her parent’s team, to be with her ‘best friend’ Kim Yeon-kyung. Hwang Min-gyeong, who was the captain of Hyundai E&C, now wears blue clothes and is in charge of receiving at IBK. Dae-Young Jeong, the eldest sister in active duty, who showed a fighting spirit as a veteran, also left the road construction and returned to her parent team, GS Caltex. 

In addition, in the trade and compensation player part, Pepper Savings Bank released the main setter Lee Go-eun from the protected player and gave it to the road construction once. In the end, Pepper Savings Bank managed to get Lee Go-eun back by handing over the 23-24 season rookie draft 1st round pick and Choi Ga-eun, who was the main player in the midfield.

The foreign draft also faced a new face, overlapping with the circumstances behind the departure of some of the existing foreigners. In particular, GS Caltex attempted a bold adventure by replacing MoMA, which performed well. Gisele Silva (Cuba), a new foreigner, comes to GS Caltex. 

Hyundai E&C considered Yasmin, who was injured, but ultimately raised the hand of ‘strong’ Moma. In an interview, Hyundai Engineering & Construction manager Kang Seong-hyeong said, “I remember that MoMA took a break at least once during the two seasons,” and added, “Yasmin had an injury in the middle, so we took that into consideration.”

Hyundai E&C released Yasmin considering the injury, but Pepper Savings Bank was willing to take the risk and relied on power and skill. Yasmin, who was selected once again, will be able to play in Korea again in the 23-24 season. 

Industrial Bank of Korea, which obtained the first choice, selected Britney Abercrombie (USA) as the new main gun, not the existing foreigner. Coach Ho-cheol Kim explained that he was selected with an emphasis on players who are not the best physical, but who can play ‘volleyball that matches the team’. 먹튀검증

In addition, Ginseng Corporation chose Giovanna Milana (USA), and Expressway Corporation chose Vanja Bukirich (Serbia), who was well-received in the field, by letting go of the championship MVP Catbell. New foreigners will join the club from late July to early August. 

As a result, 14 men’s and women’s clubs finished farming their main players this season and left only the rookie draft. The men’s division has a strong character of freezing, except for essential situations such as the Asian Quarter. On the other hand, the women’s team showed active movements, such as the transfer of large fish.

The men’s division is stable, but it can be somewhat less fun in that the picture similar to the previous year is repeated. Until the lid is opened due to objective circumstances, it is the women’s league that draws a little more attention, interest, and expectations.

‘Adventure’ and ‘Experience’ This one crossed over. Which team will have the last chance to win this season?

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