Woori Card’s ‘Peach’ Ji-han Kim “Fans say 2023 is my year”

Recently, the performance of players born in 1999, called ’99’s, is noticeable. Initially, Korean Air Lim Dong-hyuk, KEPCO Lim Seong-jin, and Hyundai Capital Park Kyung-min, who were first selected as adult national players, appeared as icons symbolizing the future of Korean volleyball, but another Kim Ji-han, born in 1999, also joined the ’99s’ with outstanding performances every day. Woori Card coach Shin Young-chul, who recruited him after recognizing his potential, is smiling at the Kim Ji-han effect. Kim Ji-han, who captivated even the hearts of fans with his dazzling performance, was selected as the 23rd main character of <Panter View>. <The Spike> asked Kim Ji-han questions on behalf of the fans.

thespike official_<Panterview> This is the 23rd main character. Say hello to your fans.
Hello, this is Woori Card Volleyball Team Kim Ji-han. I heard that fans ask questions about things they are curious about, and I will try my best to answer them.

good_grnd_As a person who wants Jihan’s happiness more than anyone else, I’m curious about what his small but certain happiness is!
Watching dramas, movies, or webtoons. I don’t have anything to say I like the most, but I see things that come out from time to time. These days, I’m watching a drama called ‘The Glory’.

donghahaha_Kim Ji-han is a member of the 99s, which has emerged as a rising trend in men’s volleyball along with Lim Dong-hyuk, Lim Seong-jin, Park Kyung-min, Kim Seon-ho, and Choi Ik-je. Do you often meet on a friendly basis? Also, if you meet, please tell us what kind of story you would like to talk about and who the leading member is.
During the season, the schedules of the teams are all different, so we can’t meet often. When the season is over and off-season, everyone grabs me and hangs out. There is no one leading. We just really talk about seeing each other now.

bomini._11_Who is the closest 99 class!! Or the venerable 99s??
Of course, everyone is really close, but if I had to pick one, it would be Lim Seong-jin. In the 4th round match against KEPCO, there was a serve match, but playing with Sungjin was really fun.

bling_71111_ A bit later than the other 99’s, Boom! Kim Ji-han exploded! Is it because the opportunity just hasn’t been given in the meantime? I couldn’t see it, but is it the result of training step by step? I was able to do this well, but I would like to honestly hear what you thought while watching other 99’s when Hyundai Capital and KEPCO couldn’t appear on the court often!
I don’t think it’s because I wasn’t ready, so I didn’t have a chance. I had a desire to do it and tried to achieve it, so I thought that I should seize the opportunity when it came, so I worked harder. And watching my friends, I felt proud because the friends I had been with since I was young are doing well.

Lee Soo-min_I took my first pictorial, I liked it along with my impressions, but if you have any photos that haven’t been released, please share them.
Unfortunately, the photographer has private photos, but I don’t.

thespike official_How did the photo shoot come about?
I got a call from Instagram. “Since this year is the year of the black rabbit, I am going to do a pictorial with people born in 1999 in celebration of that. I asked, “Do you have any plans to film it?”, so I said I would ask the team first, and after getting permission, I proceeded. It was so awkward to film (laughs).

Aram Kwon_What do you think of the nickname ‘Peach’ given by fans? Is it good or shameful.
i think it’s good At first, I thought, ‘Why am I called Peach?’ but many people kept calling me, and now I know that I got that nickname because my cheeks are blushing, and I’m satisfied.

Yein_I’m a peach myself, but I’m curious whether it’s a hard peach or a mulbok (soft peach)!
Water clothes are better. Soft ones are better than hard ones. That’s why I’m a water buffalo (laughs).

yeeeeexim_You must have seen a lot of comments on placards made by fans. Are there any comments that were the most memorable or funny?
I saw something when I played against KEPCO in the 4th round, and I thought it was very witty and fun. But suddenly I can’t think of anything. It was a word that started with a bunch, but that fan is memorable.

Sumin Lee_Do you have a subroutine unique to Jihan? I’m curious as to why it came about.
Throw the ball once before serving, then serve. I don’t remember exactly when I started doing it, but when I served, the ball slipped due to sweat, so I started it.

Lee Se-yeon_ There are times when I felt that I was good at being a volleyball player
. I think volleyball is the most fun to play.

art_story_korea_official_I wonder who Kim Ji-han’s rival is.
Im Seong-jin (laughs). Actually, I didn’t think of him as a rival, but in the 4th round, there was the serve showdown I was talking about earlier, right? So, I will use Sungjin as my rival. 메이저놀이터

Kwon Ah-ram_If Woori Card goes to spring volleyball, would you think of making a promise?
no. No (laughs). It’s a joke and I can’t think of anything right now. (Then let’s get a promise through the comments on <The Spike> video) Yes. Then, we will choose from among the comments written by fans.

Minkyung Choi_ When you wipe your sweat, you always wipe it with a towel. Doesn’t it hurt?
I usually sweat a lot. So I wipe it with a towel whenever I have time, but it doesn’t hurt (laughs).

soonheesee_For Christmas, I played in a special Christmas uniform with Seoul’s landmarks engraved on the back, and I chose Namdaemun this time. If Namdaemun hadn’t been there, what landmarks would you have tried to put on your back? And were there any other players you coveted? I want to hear it.
Actually, at first, I was going to do Seoul Forest. But (Hwang) Seungbin said that his older brother also does Seoul Forest, so I changed it to Namdaemun. I was pushed (laughs). Still, Namdaemun was also really good.

ddochi.heejung_What do you do and who do you spend time with on holidays when you don’t play.
I’m usually with my teammates. Among them, I often hang out with (Oh) Jaeseong hyung and (Kim) Dongmin hyung. I hang out a lot with people who almost never have girlfriends (laughs). But even with the hyungs, I don’t have anything special to do. I guess I’m just in my room.

ramiwoori_Who is your roommate? What are the pros and cons of being a roommate, and any episodes with your roommate?
My roommate is Dongmin hyung. The pros are good, the cons are stupid. Sometimes it makes strange noises. Also, comedian Kim Kyung-wook’s ‘Tanaka’ is popular these days. When I lie down, suddenly Dongmin hyung is copying Tanaka (laughs). Still, he’s a fun hyung to be with.

emptygyejeong_ You get gifts from many fans after every game. What is the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?
Any gift is greatly appreciated. Still, I remember seeing it often. Every time I see it, I know I’ve been given a gift.

soonheesee_Kim Ji-han will remember 2022 as a year, and I would like to hear about his goals for 2023.
2022 was a really happy year. It was a year where I could let my fans know about me. And fans write in letters, “2023, the year of the Black Rabbit, will be the year of Ji-Han.” Like the fans said, I hope 2023 will be my year and I want to spend a year of working harder.

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