“Your personality is the opposite of mine” Director Park Jin-man expects the ‘red toma effect’

“I think the atmosphere of our team will improve.”

The Samsung Lions, led by coach Park Jin-man, departed for Okinawa, Japan, where the spring camp will be held through Incheon International Airport on the 30th. New head coach Lee Byeong-gyu, who coached Geelong Korea in the 2022/23 Australian Baseball League (ABL), also finally joined the team and boarded the plane. 먹튀검증

From player to coach Lee Byung-gyu, the legendary coach who only worked for the LG Twins in Korea, took off the pinstripe uniform for the first time and became a member of Samsung. Coach Lee Byeong-gyu said, “I think it’s a little less since I came back to Geelong with a new mindset.”

Coach Lee said, “I don’t know the players well yet, so I think I’ll have to go and find out. I haven’t talked much with coach Jin-man Park yet. I guess I will,” he said.

Head coach Park Jin-man, who joined coach Lee Byeong-gyu, said, “Coach’s personality is the opposite of mine. I’m on the silent side, and coach Lee Byung-gyu is a restless style. He can actively stimulate the players and move them.” I hope coach Lee Byeong-gyu will show his unique know-how. I think the atmosphere in our team will improve.”

On the other hand, coach Park, who took the baton as an official coach and left the first spring camp, said, “I think I prepared well after going to Okinawa for the final camp. I think we can create opportunities for them to compete and grow.”

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